Medication Administration
Study Guide


The purpose of the medication administration exam is to assess the examinees basic knowledge of medication administration. The test has 25 questions, which range from calculations to pharmacology knowledge of commonly administered medications. Your required grade will be 90%.

The nurse will give you the exam during nursing orientation and some scratch paper. You will be provided with a private area to take the exam. You will be allowed 45 minutes to complete the exam.

This study guide has been developed to assist you with being successful on the medication exam. You will need to use other resources to extend your study such as nursing reference guides on pharmacology. There are sample questions, along with an answer key, within the study guide that will familiarize you with the test design.

Upon completion of your medication exam, your manager will be notified and you will be clear to pass medications on your unit. If you have any questions regarding this exam or any part of nursing orientation, please contact Educational Services. You may call 770-219-1600 or e-mail

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Revised 04-15