RN Residency Program


RN Residency Program

The RN Residency Program is a structured comprehensive 12-month Program for licensed registered nurses with less than 12 months of experience as an RN in acute inpatient care. The Program supports the RN Resident’s transition into the clinical setting through didactic classroom learning, simulation, clinical orientation with a dedicated preceptor and mentorship. The Program complements the organization’s orientation and unit-based orientation.

Applicants must submit all of the following to be considered for the RN Residency Program:

___ Online Application
___ Resume
___ Cover Letter
___ Transcript (unofficial transcript is acceptable)
___ NGHS Clinical Evaluation Tool (to be completed by a clinical instructor)

RN Residency Application – click here to download

Clinical Evaluation – click here to download

Eligibility Criteria for Program Applicants:

  • Graduation from an accredited school of nursing (BSN preferred)
  • 3.0 or higher overall GPA
  • A current unencumbered Georgia license as an RN prior to the start of general orientation
  • Valid Basic Life Support Certification through the American Heart Association
  • Less than 12 months of acute care inpatient nursing experience

In order to allow graduate nurses, the opportunity to focus on the areas of care that most closely match their interests and career goals, our RN Residency Program offers clinical specialty track options in the following areas:

1.  Inpatient Rehab Track in Gainesville only

2. Cardiac Track units include:

  • S2D Woody Stewart-Heart Failure Unit at Gainesville
  • S2E Cardiovascular Stepdown Unit at Gainesville
  • S3D/E Progressive Coronary Care Unit at Gainesville
  • Progressive Coronary Care Unit in Braselton

3. Critical Care Track units include:

  • Intensive Care Unit at Braselton
  • Coronary Care Unit at Braselton
  • Medical Intensive Care Unit at Gainesville
  • Surgical/Trauma Intensive Care Unit at Gainesville
  • Ronnie Green Heart Center at Gainesville
    • Coronary Care Unit
    • Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit

4. Emergency Department Track includes:

  • ED at Braselton
  • ED at Gainesville

5. Medical Track units include:

  • B1E Medical/Surgical at Braselton
  • B1W Medical/Surgical at Braselton
  • B2W Medical/Surgical/Cardiology at Braselton
  • S1B Medical/Neurology at Gainesville
  • S4D Medical at Gainesville
  • S4E Medical at Gainesville
  • S5E Oncology/Nephrology at Gainesville

6. Surgical Track units include:

  • B3W Orthopedics at Braselton
  • N4G Orthopedics/Neurosurgery/Trauma at Gainesville
  • N5G General Surgery/Trauma at Gainesville
  • N6G General Surgery at Gainesville

7. Women and Children’s Track:

  • Gainesville

8. Observation Track units include:

  • Cardiac Observation Unit at Gainesville
  • Emergency Observation Unit at Gainesville

NGMC Barrow is located in Winder. Residents hired at Barrow do not rotate to other campuses. Tracks available may include:

  • Emergency Department
  • General Medical/Surgical Unit

RN residents are hired into a specific clinical track in the Nurse Residency, not into a position on a nursing unit. During the hiring process, each applicant identifies their preferred clinical track. A “track” is a group of units with similar patient populations, clinical care requirements, and clinical skills. During the first 10 weeks of the program, the residents rotate through the nursing units within their track. The resident is afforded the opportunity to experience the patient population and care needs of each unit become familiar with each unit culture. At the end of the clinical rotations, the resident is matched to a permanent nursing unit within their track based on the resident’s preferences and the availability of positions on specific units.

All tracks may not be offered in each cohort. Several tracks have clinical rotations between the Braselton and Gainesville campuses, and the resident may match to a permanent position on either campus.

A clinical nurse preceptor from each patient care unit will be paired with the RN resident to manage the clinical aspects of their orientation period as well as engage the RN residents into the social atmosphere of each nursing unit.

Our RN residents are also paired with a mentor throughout their year-long residency program. The mentor will serve as a personal guide and will help assimilate the RN resident into NGHS culture. Through monthly meetings with each RN resident, the mentor will closely monitor the progress of orientation and offer guidance and support as needed.

In addition to the support provided by the mentor and clinical nurse preceptors, one of the most important components of the RN Residency Program is the workshop series. RN Residents will attend residency seminars that support the development of complex skills such as EKG awareness, prioritization, and nurse-to-physician communication. The workshops also provide an opportunity to practice technical skills and develop critical thinking through the use of high fidelity patient simulations.

Thank you for your interest in the RN Residency Program at NGHS!

Please return completed forms to Mallory.Wilson@nghs.com.


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