Nurse Residency Program FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Overview of Northeast Georgia Health System’s Nurse Residency Program

    • 1.Q: What types of Nurse Residencies does NGHS offer?

A:NGHS has one Nurse Residency Program with clinical specialty tracks in the following areas: Medical, Surgical, Critical Care, Cardiology, Emergency Department, Perioperative, Behavioral Health and Women & Children.

    • 2.Q: How often do you offer the Nurse Residency Program?

A: We offer the Nurse Residency Program twice a year. The Winter Cohorts begins with the first General Orientation of February. The Summer Cohort has two start dates: the first General Orientation of July and the first General Orientation of August.
Additional cohorts may be added based on organizational need throughout the year.

    • 3.Q: How long is the Nurse Residency Program?

A: The Nurse Residency Program lasts for one year.

    • 4.Q: When will I know which department will be my home nursing unit?

A: During the interview process you will be offered a position in one or more of the clinical specialty tracks that are among your top areas of interest. During the first ten weeks, you will rotate through the patient care units in your assigned clinical specialty track. At the conclusion of your clinical rotations, you will be matched to a permanent full time position on a nursing unit within your clinical specialty track. Prior to being matched to a home unit you will have the opportunity to indicate your unit and shift preference.

    • 5.Q: How long is the orientation in the department?

A: The total length of orientation is approximately 20 weeks, depending upon the unit for which the nurse resident is hired as well as the nurse resident’s progression throughout their clinical orientation.

    • 6.Q: Do NGHS Nurse Residents have to sign a contract?

A: Yes, candidates accepted for the Nurse Residency Program will sign a commitment agreement for 24 months following the completion of the orientation period with financial reimbursement to Northeast Georgia Health System required if candidate is unable to fulfill the commitment agreement.

    • 7.Q: What is the Peri-Op/OR Track?

A: The Operating Room Track prepares nurses to work in the Operating Room (OR). This track provides supervised clinical rotations in all OR services, hands-on learning experiences, and course content from Periop 101: A Core Curriculum (AORN). It is important to note that working in the OR requires taking call at night and on weekends. When on call, the RN is expected to arrive in the OR no longer than 30 minutes after being notified.

Eligibility Requirements for NGHS’s Nurse Residency Program

    • 1.Q: Who is eligible for the Nurse Residency Program?

A: Our Nurse Residency Program is developed for new graduate nurses and nurses with less than one year of acute care nursing experience who has graduated from an accredited school of nursing (BSN is preferred) with a 3.0 or higher GPA, has a current BLS card through the American Heart Association (AHA), and possesses a current unencumbered Georgia license as a RN prior to the start of General Orientation.

    • 2.Q: If I have experience as a nurse, will I need to participate in the Nurse Residency Program?

A: If, upon application, you possess less than 12 months of experience as a RN in acute care, you must apply to the Nurse Residency Program.

    • 3.Q: What if I don’t have my license as a Registered Nurse for Georgia? Can I still be hired into the Nurse Residency Program?

A: All nurses who accept a position with the Nurse Residency Program must have a current GA license as a RN prior to the start of General Orientation. Applicants who are moving from out-of-state are strongly encouraged to take the State of Georgia NCLEX exams.

    • 4.Q: What if I am not able to start working on the first day of the Nurse Residency Program? Can I still be a Nurse Resident?

A: All Nurse Residents are required to begin employment on the scheduled General Orientation start date for each cohort.

Application FAQs

    • 1.Q: When are nurse residency applications posted?

A: Nurse Residency positions will be posted on the NGHS website in February for the summer cohorts and in September for the winter cohorts. The application will only be visible on the website during the period when applications are being accepted.
New graduate RN’s with less than 12 months of acute care experience are only accepted for the Nurse Residency Program and are not accepted for post unit-specific RN positions.

    • 2.Q: How do I apply to the Nurse Residency Program?

A: Each nurse resident candidate must complete the NGHS New Grad RN Residency Program Application at This position will only be posted during the application period of each nurse residency cohort. Applicants will also be asked to submit the following:
• Online Application
• Resume
• Cover Letter
• Transcript (unofficial transcript is acceptable)
• NGHS clinical evaluation form
Only applicants with a complete file will be considered for the Nurse Residency Program.

    • 3.Q: What happens after I submit the application online?

A: When your application is received, one of our nurse recruiters will review it and will contact you via phone or email.

    • 3.Q: During the interview process will I have the opportunity to indicate which clinical specialty tracks are of greatest interest to me?

Under Nurse Residency Documents, one of the forms is for clinical track preference. Please indicate your top two clinical specialty track choices.

    • 3.Q: If I am currently an NGHS employee do I still need to apply to the Nurse Residency Program?

NGHS employees must complete the Nurse Residency application process and meet the requirements listed above. NGHS employees participate in the full interview process. There is no guarantee of hire or hire into a specific clinical track in the residency. Applications to the Nurse Residency Program are not required to be Nurse Externs.

Employment during NGHS’s Nurse Residency Program

    • 1.Q: If hired into the Nurse Residency Program, what shifts/hours will I be working?

A: The total hours worked each week will range from 36-40. You will not be required to work more than 40 hours in a week and not more than 12 hours in one day. You will primarily work 12 hour shifts during the orientation period. Nurse Residents will work their assigned preceptor’s schedule, including weekends. Also, there are regularly scheduled education sessions that all Nurse Residents are expected to attend during their first year of employment.
In general, during the matching process newly hired nurses are placed on the night shift. However, depending on the staffing needs of the unit, there may be day or evening shift opportunities available. You are required to work full-time during the 24 month commitment

    • 2.Q: If I am hired into the Nurse Residency Program, will I be paid and eligible for benefits?

A: Yes. Nurse Residents are considered full time employees and are eligible to receive benefits such as access to health and dental coverage and paid time off.

    • 3.Q: Do you offer shift and weekend differentials in the Nurse Residency Program?

A: Yes. Shift differentials are offered for evenings, nights and weekends.

    • 3.Q: Can I request time off during my orientation period?

A: Under normal circumstances, Nurse Residents are not granted time off during the first 20 weeks of the Nurse Residency Program.



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