Frequently Asked Questions

Nurse Extern Program Overview

Overview of Northeast Georgia Health System’s Nurse Extern Program

    • 1.Q: What types of Nurse Externships does NGHS offer?

A: NGHS has one Nurse Extern Program with tracks in Adult Acute Care, Critical Care, Progressive Care, Emergency Nursing and Women and Children.

    • 2.Q: What if I am not sure which area of nursing I want to work in yet?

A: As part of the interview process you will spend time with a Nurse Recruiter who can provide information that will help you consider all options. We will attempt to offer you time to meet with several Nurse Managers so that you can gather information about various specialties to help you learn more about what specialty might be the best fit for you.

    • 3.Q: What if I am pretty sure which area of nursing I want to work in?

A: If you feel you know the area you want to work in, please let us know during the interview. Because space is limited and sometimes there is a lot of interest in a particular area, we are not always able to accommodate, but we will make every attempt to facilitate an interview with the hiring manager(s) of the areas you identify are your most preferred.

    • 4.Q: How often do you offer the Nurse Extern Program?

A: We offer the Nurse Extern Program once each year with the start of the program typically occurring in May.

    • 5.Q: When will I know which department will be my home department?

A: During the interview process you may have the opportunity to interview for one or more areas that are among your top areas of interest. If an offer is extended to you, it will be for a specific department and you will be given this information at the time the offer is made.

    • 6.Q: When will I know what my work schedule will be?

A: At the time the offer is made, you will know if your scheduled hours will be on 7a-7p or on 7p-7a. The specific days of the week that you will work will depend on the work schedule that your preceptor has. Once your Nurse Manager has made the decision regarding who your preceptor is we will be able to provide that information, however that is often not available at the time of offer.

Eligibility Requirements for NGHS’s Nurse Extern Program

    • 1.Q: Who is eligible for the Nurse Extern Program?

A: Our Nurse Extern Program is open to students who are anticipating graduation from their program in the year following the start of the Nurse Externship. For those working toward an ASN this would be students who have completed one year of nursing school and for those working toward a BSN this would those be the rising senior level student.

    • 2.Q: What if I am not able to start working on the first day of the Nurse Extern Program? Can I still be a Nurse Extern?

A: All Nurse Externs are required to start the program on the date specified as the start of the program.

    • 3.Q: What information do I need to provide to you in order to be considered for the Nurse Extern Program?

A: We require a completed application to the Nurse Extern job which is posted online at In addition, we require an official copy of the transcripts from your most recently completed semester.

Application FAQs

    • 1.Q: How do I apply?

Starting December 4, 2017, we will accept applications for the Nurse Extern Program. All applications are received online at

    • 2.Q: Other than my online application, what other information do I need to provide?

In addition to the online application, we require an official copy of the transcripts from your most recently completed semester and two faculty references. Before you start work, we will also require a copy of your current BLS certification.

    • 3.Q: What happens after I submit the application online?

When your application is received, one of our Nurse Recruiters will review it within 48 business hours and will contact you via phone or email within five business days.

    • 4.Q: During the interview process will I have the opportunity to tell you which areas are of greatest interest to me?

Yes, through your interview with the Nurse Recruiter we will be interested to hear from you what areas are most interesting to you and would also be interested in hearing a description of why you feel these areas would be a good fit for you.

Employment during NGHS’s Nurse Extern Program

    • 1.Q:If I am able to, can I work more than 12 hours each week as a Nurse Extern from August through April?

No, the maximum hours that a Nurse Extern can work is 24 hours per week during the summer and 12 hours per week during the school year.

    • 2.Q: If I am hired into the Nurse Extern Program, will I be paid and will I be eligible for benefits?

A: Yes. Nurse Externs are paid for all time worked. They are considered PRN employees and are not eligible to receive benefits such as access to health and dental coverage and paid time off.

    • 3.Q:Do you offer shift and weekend differentials in the Nurse Extern Program?

A: Yes. Shift differentials are offered for evenings, nights and weekends.


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